About Diablo 3 Rockstars

Diablo 3 Rockstars was born in October 2013 and we have since then evolved a lot. No other site (to my knowledge) pooled all character paragon experience together in one big pool to provide a “Real Paragon” ladder – a term which we coined. Since then we have continued to provide a Real Paragon ladder. As soon as the experience data for Reaper of Souls became available we have since then allowed people to see what paragon 2.0 level they will be when patch 2.0 hits the live servers. Unlike other sites, we have kept the experience data updated within the hour of a new patch release, to keep providing a high level of service.

Another feature exclusive to Diablo 3 Rockstars is that all BattleTags in the database are at the time of writing visited every 4 days at most automatically. Players can update their BattleTag every hour manually.

To create usefulness of the site for the future (read: after Reaper of Souls comes out) we added experience history in the start of February 2014. Every day that a particular BattleTag is visited we create a datapoint for this date to keep track of every player tracked by us over time. In this way everyone can easily keep track whether or not they are keeping up to par with the top players or if they are slacking hard.

Guides for game version 1.08 are also available, both a general experience farming guide and class specific guides. They are all available through the Diablo 3 Game Guides section.

Got feature a request or found a bug? Throw me an email at dev [at] azgul.com with subject ‘d3rockstars’.