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Best games that don`t need a Wi-Fi connection: Top list

If you are always on the go, you should be ready to the lack or absence of the Internet, which makes your options quite limited. This is especially true for college students who like travelling: sometimes they get so far while backpacking that can spend days without the Internet. In fact, being without an Internet connection for a student is death-like: if you are on campus, you can`t use online services to research and cope with your homework (for example, boost my grade website or master papers reviews where you can order a paper). And if you are travelling, you can`t even google the nearest gas station. Luckily, there are some offline games to have fun alone or with friends when you lose contact with the world.

Top popular games to have fun offline

There is no student who could survive college without the Internet: it is required to keep in touch with friends, research material for course work and just do home assignments, from different projects to writing papers. The Internet can also be useful when you need help with your tasks: for example, when you research writing service (look in gonerdify reviews for one) or try to upload another educational app. Besides, online games have evolved into the whole world of opportunities. When you are stuck without the Internet, you need to research for options, and we offer you these:
1. Monument Valley 2
This is one of the most popular mobile games that don`t need Wi-Fi. It has perfect graphics, interesting challenges and great storytelling. The sequel of the game provides more new characters and levels, each level is different and involves different characters while the setting is constantly changing, so you need to think quickly;
2. The Room: Old Sins
From the name, you can guess that it is going to be scary, dark and gothic and you are right. The game has a great level of detail, mysterious storytelling and contains lots of puzzles. This is actually the 4th edition, but you can start from it easily. The plot centers on the engineer and his disappeared wife. The trail leads to the attic where the all fun begins;
3. Really Bad Chess
Even though the board and rules coincide with standard chess when you start playing, you understand that it looks like someone put a few hundred pieces in a bag, shook it and put them in random order. Now you have three queens, five knights and some pawns, which is weird but gives a chance even a newbie. You can play alone, or with someone, and with the level increase you still get random pieces, just their quality changes;
4. Mini Metro
Have you ever wanted to visit New York or London subway? You have different maps, and your goal is to build a well-functioning metro for the growing city population. First, you have a limited number of lines, tunnels and trains, but with the city growth, you get upgrades. There are standard and endless modes, as well as excellent soundtracks, graphics and setting. One of the benefits is the absence of ads that irritate you when playing.
Now when you are temporary without an Internet connection and can`t do regular activities like researching for info, chatting with a writer from superbpaper agency or playing World of Warcraft (for example, you are having a flight or an overnight bus ride), you can use this time to have fun as well.