About yesterdays downtime

Hi guys! Worry not, the recent downtime was not because we are closing down, but because the previous host of D3Rockstars decided to suddenly reset all DNS settings related to the domain.   // azgul

Leaderboards and Rockstar™ Score!

Hi guys! A long overdue update coming up. Like most other Diablo 3 players, Seasons has kept me quite busy the past couple of months, so I had down prioritized development of the site to a bare minimum to stay in … Continued

D3Recount Beta 14.07.25

Hi!   It seems that I was a bit too quick on the trigger when releasing the previous version. As a result of this. The Current DPS you were seeing before would show you misleading current DPS values (read: way … Continued

D3Recount Beta 14.07.15

Hi!   A small update with some neat things fixed/added.   Changelog – added: current dps (average for the last 3 seconds) – fixed: don’t count towards run dps while Conduit Pylon is activated – fixed: smart positioning of dps … Continued

D3Recount Beta 14.07.07

Hi!   D3Recount has been updated for patch Blizzard turned off the DPS attribute on players on the LIVE servers, so to remedy this I started to calculate the DPS from the player itself instead.   Changelog – Only … Continued

D3Recount Beta 14.6.11

Hi!   D3Recount has been updated for patch   Changelog – update for patch – battletag recognition used to fail sometimes resulting in incorrect readouts. I believe this has been fixed. – fixed in 14.6.12: used to stop … Continued

D3Recount Beta

Hi all, I’ve been busy moving in with my girlfriend but I’ve also found time to do a bit of work on D3Recount.   Changelog: – battletags instead of character names (note: as this is read from the portrait, it … Continued

Experimental Paragon 2.0 Ladder!

Hi friends! I have just updated the website with a very experimental way of fetching the Paragon 2.0 levels from the Armory website. As for right now, it only works for Softcore. I will make it work for Hardcore as … Continued

Experience data updated to build

Hi again! Thanks to KillerJohn we’ve updated the experience to the latest experience curve introduced in patch Everyone got buffed slightly but more noticeably in the lower paragon regions. You can do a lookup on your BattleTag above and … Continued