Counter-Strike - Global Offensive review

If twenty years ago we played Counter-Strike on our old PCs trying to achieve a new level and it was enough to enjoy the game, today the opportunities that technologies give us become much wider, making players more demanding and game effects – more impressive. Back in 1999, CS was the first-person shooter based on playing in the team with multiple rounds and specific goals to be achieved in order to win the match. Today, it is an online streaming game with an opportunity to bet on players and make good money that can be found on the best csgo gambling sites. In this quick overview, we will talk about the main changes and updates the game has received in a new version, and future forecasts.

CS: GO best features and updates

An extremely popular game developed by Valve Corporation back in 2012, CS currently has over one billion registered users and more than ninety million of new ones joining it every month. It makes the game take one of ten places in most popular game charts as well as become one of the best eSports betting choices on csgo match betting sites. The new version of Counter-Strike provides new maps (like Inferno and Train), game modes, more kinds of weapons, and brand-new characters to be picked. So what are the main changes players can expect in the iconic game?

Game modes

In the new release, players can enjoy such modes as:
- Competitive. This is actually the classic mode where two teams play against each other in a standard match with standard rules we all got used to. You can buy weapons, get rescue kits and try to manage it successfully to win sixteen rounds;
- Wingman. In this mode, you play 2 vs. 2 on single bomb site maps;
- Casual. For those who don`t want to take a classic 30-round match, there is an option to play in a casual mode at your own pace. You can drop in and out whenever you want and just enjoy the game. You will automatically get armor and kits; the team damage is switched off while the rules are simplified. It`s a perfect mode for beginners;
- Death-match. This is the fast-paced casual mode with limited time for choosing weapons and immediate respawning;
- Arms Race. In this mode, you get new weapons and respawn immediately. It is also called a gun-progression mode;
- Demolition. In a series of maps, users take turns when attacking enemies and have to defend a single bomb site. The gameplay is fast-paced: the more kills you make, the further you move forward to better weapons and advancements;
- Flying Scoutsman. In this mode, you play 8 vs. 8 with two weapons only and nine rounds in total.

2. Platforms

Besides standard PC support, the game is available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. They both provide a new elegant interface, which makes you feel saucy. There is no party chat, though, to protect it from cheating, so if you want to team up, play with friends;

3. eSports

One of the best things about the game is the ability to bet on players (for example, the total number of kills). eSports tournaments prizes reach $1 million and are being broadcasted online with millions of viewers around the globe.
A new game is a great sequel with old issues balanced and, surprisingly, longtime characters. Talking about the future of CS: GO, there is no sign that the game is likely to slow down.