D3Recount Beta 14.07.07


D3Recount has been updated for patch Blizzard turned off the DPS attribute on players on the LIVE servers, so to remedy this I started to calculate the DPS from the player itself instead.


– Only supports average dps (no current dps for now) and total damage done

– removed Windows form and added Overlay instead

– Added Reset hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + R

– Added Stop program hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + S

– It is now REQUIRED to have damage numbers + critical hit numbers on for it to work at all.

Known bugs

– The program will crash currently if it is not started on the same monitor as D3 resides on (currently investigating)


Not updated for 2.1

18 Responses to “D3Recount Beta 14.07.07”

  1. PuuF

    How does the Overlay work? Are we surpose to see it ingame?

  2. peem

    It crashes for me right after start with standard windows appcrash. I have .net 4.5.2 installed and tried starting ingame and outgame. it seems some .dll is missing.

    Application: D3Recount.exe
    Framework Version: v4.0.30319
    Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
    Exception Info: System.DllNotFoundException
    at SharpDX.Direct3D9.D3DX9.D3DXCreateFontW_(Void*, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, SharpDX.Bool, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, Void*, Void*)
    at SharpDX.Direct3D9.D3DX9.CreateFont(SharpDX.Direct3D9.Device, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, SharpDX.Bool, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, System.String, SharpDX.Direct3D9.Font)
    at SharpDX.Direct3D9.Font..ctor(SharpDX.Direct3D9.Device, System.Drawing.Font)
    at ..()
    at ...ctor()
    at ..(System.String[])

  3. awake604

    nice program!!but i can see only my dps.howcan i see damage of my party members?

  4. Jeremy

    Don’t think this works with windows 8 overlay dose not show.

    • azgul

      I know for a fact that it does work on W8 – because I’m using W8 myself. Double check that your computer meets all requirements described on the main page.

  5. Mikezilla

    Hey Azgul, really appreciate your work with Recount. I got two quick questions:

    What would you say is the accuracy difference between the current program and how it used to work before Blizzard turned off the dps attribute?

    – Only supports average dps (no current dps for now) and total damage done

    What do you mean by only supporting average dps and not current dps?

    • azgul

      Hi Mike,

      1) It’s more accurate than before. Before it was based on a rolling average (~5 seconds). Now I just add up all damage you do and keep track of activity time.
      2) Current DPS would be your DPS in the last 3 seconds for example. Average DPS is your DPS until you reset the counter. Working on a ‘DPS (3s)’ tho.

  6. Rawrish

    When you have pets or a hireling out, the numbers are hard to read since they’re over the pet/hireling portraits. Could you put a transparent background perhaps? Or maybe even just an outline on the numbers?

    • azgul

      Hi Rawrish,

      Yeah, I’m aware. Going to start offsetting the text according to UI elements when I have more time for it.

  7. Flyin9

    Great work! Does this program calculate over kill damage? If a monster have 100k HP and I hit it for 1 mil damage, will this showed that I’ve done 100k damage to the monster or 1 mil damage? Thanks

  8. Juntai

    This method does not work for any “off screen” damage at all. Which is the entirety of DH Sentry build. =/ This is the best workaround now that the memory hook is gone though, good job man.


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