D3Recount Beta 14.07.15


A small update with some neat things fixed/added.


– added: current dps (average for the last 3 seconds)

– fixed: don’t count towards run dps while Conduit Pylon is activated

– fixed: smart positioning of dps numbers, no longer on top of pets/followers etc

– fixed: no longer crashes when D3 is closed before D3Recount. Instead D3Recount just closes too.


Not updated for 2.1

9 Responses to “D3Recount Beta 14.07.15”

  1. Juntai

    This method does not work for any “off screen” damage at all. Which is the entirety of DH Sentry build. =/ This is the best workaround now that the memory hook is gone though, good job man.

  2. Ronnie

    It seems the “average dps” function do not works properly:

    Lets say im gonna fight the skeleton king, i reset the dps meter just before engaging him, i’m always at 300M+ dps, still the average dps is at 150 or so and keep lowering for some reason.
    The average dps should not lower from 150 to 140 when im always at 300+

  3. Ronnie

    Sentry DH, i know that the offscreen damage are not included but still thats kinda odd to have your average damage lowering while you are far above that average damage at this moment.

    • azgul

      Currently trying to gear one, then I’ll try to reproduce. I haven’t noticed this as Shotgun crusader / Pet WD / zDPS Monk.

    • azgul

      Aha. Found the bug. Current DPS is currently showing too much DPS in some cases.

  4. Just wanted to say, great work! We are trying to get blizzard to re-enable support for damage tracking. I know it’s unlikely that they will put in a native DPS meter for our use. I am hoping they will see one of our many threads and allow the 3rd party dps meters to work again. Azgul, if it’s not too much trouble, can you please check with each downtime whether of not they reverse their change allowing you to follow damage.

    And of course I’m monitoring whether it’s re-enabled or not after each maintenance.

    • azgul


      Oh, it’s no problem. I like being able to pull data like this as I did in WoW to optimize my gear and specs, and if Blizzard wont let us do this, then we will find our own workarounds. I have plans to introduce party DPS functionality too, but it wont be in the near future, and I’m kinda hesitant to do so until 2.1 ships. I don’t want to write unnecessary code in case they re-enable the DPS attribute come 2.1.


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