D3Recount – A Diablo 3 Damage Meter

A damage meter for Diablo 3: D3Recount. Do you want to compare your specs? Do you want to check how much eDPS you can dish out throughout a rift? Do you want to compete with your friends? You found the right tool! D3Recount can let you put your feelings about a spec or gear setup aside and let the numbers speak for themselves.

D3Recount is still in the early stages of development, so bear that in mind. Should you encounter any bugs or should you have any feature requests, please go to the changelog link below and write a comment, thanks!

What does this do?

It reads the Diablo 3 memory to show how much DPS and how much total damage you do. I take no responsibility should you get banned for using this application.


D3Recount 15.01.20 (968 downloads) updated for 2.1.2

Known bugs

Had reports of crashes on W7. I can’t test this but I’ve also had reports of installing IE11 fixing the issue. Will look into possible fixes for this to remedy the issue.


Q: How do I reset DPS?
A: Hotkey: CTRL + Shift + R

Q: How do I stop the program?
A: Hotkey: CTRL + Shift + S

Q: Why does my average DPS not go up while I have Conduit Pylon activated?
A: Because I’ve disabled it, so it doesn’t count towards average DPS while it is activated, to not inflate your run DPS if you get lucky Conduits.


  • .NET 4.5 framework
  • DirectX 11
  • Windows Aero enabled
  • D3 in Fullscreen Windowed-mode. Otherwise it is not possible to draw a transparent window ontop of the game.
  • Damage and critical hit numbers has to be enabled.

Credits: Enigma for loads of help!