Experimental Paragon 2.0 Ladder!

Hi friends!

I have just updated the website with a very experimental way of fetching the Paragon 2.0 levels from the Armory website. As for right now, it only works for Softcore. I will make it work for Hardcore as soon as possible.

UPDATED! Hardcore paragon added. This feature is also very experimental! Please report any bugs, should you encounter any.

NOTE: For some reason the Asian API is totally fucked up. It doesn’t send any characters at all, and as such, all Asian accounts are (currently) getting all their characters marked as deleted and therefore wont show up on the ladders. As soon as Blizzard fixes their API, I will make the necessary changes too.

3 Responses to “Experimental Paragon 2.0 Ladder!”

  1. Robert Hogan

    Ladder welcome.

  2. Vernon McFadden

    When people get to 800 the next goal should be 1000 then 1500 then 2000. My spreadsheet goes to 2000.

  3. azgul

    Good point, Vernon. I’ll make it scale dynamically on the lookup pages when time comes.


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