Hardcore Demon Hunter Build

Do you want to play Hardcore Demon Hunter like a Diablo 3 Rockstar? If so, keep on reading! This is the build and play style I have used on my Monks on my road to Paragon 1000. I find it to be the best Hardcore Demon Hunter Build. Using this build and the play style described below, I was able to hit Paragon 100 on my second Demon Hunter in just under 70 hours.

I will go by the skills one by one and explain my rationale behind every skill slot.

Active skills

  • Bola Shot: Volatile Explosions your secondary attack for when you are (rarely, hopefully) out of Hatred.
  • Elemental Arrow: Ball Lightning your main attack against big monster pulls. The Nightstalker proc rate is crazy and it will proc constantly. Filling your Discipline in an instant.
  • Vault: Tumble makes you able to keep up with everyone else.
  • Smoke Screen: Lingering Fog your “oh-shit” button. Also very useful to keep channeling Rapid Fire: Bombardment if you are about to get interrupted by a bull charge/Frozen etc.
  • Rapid Fire: Bombardment Highest dps skill against small groups of mobs with high HP. Snapshot Shadow Power: Gloom with it. This means using it will keep you in the state you were in when you start channeling it until you stop channeling it. Meaning that if you use it against a reflect elite pack, you will keep the life steal (and damage reduction) until you stop channeling. Use it to your advantage.
  • Shadow Power: Gloom keeps you alive. Crazy high life steal along with damage reduction. Snapshot it with Rapid Fire: Bombardment .

Passive skills

  • Vengeance fuels your Hatred (and somewhat Discipline) spells.
  • Night Stalker fuels your Discipline spells. With Elemental Arrow: Ball Lightning you pretty much have infinite Discipline as long as there is enough mobs.
  • Perfectionist mitigation and reduced discipline cost. Why thank you.

Gear must haves

  • 50+% CC for Nightstalker

Gameplay at MP7

Should you have any questions, please leave a comment!

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