Hardcore: Act 1 speed runs (200-280m xp/h)

Here is a guide for maxing our your experience prior to the Reaper of Souls expansion for Diablo 3. The guide features an act 1 speed run which should yield around 200-280m xp/h on MP8 if you run at a decent speed.

The most important part is the group setup. A support monk for pulls and 3 high dps classes (barb/wd) for the killing,

What zones should I do? Well, that’s simple.

  • Festering Woods : Secures you the first 2-6 stacks
  • Halls of Agony Level 2 : Go here if you end up with less than 4 stacks in Festering Woods. Clear the entire level.
  • Fields of Misery : Go here when you have 4+ stacks. Don’t do the events. The monster kills doesn’t give any experience
  • Decaying Crypt : If you are lucky enough that you get this marvelous cave spawning you should definitely clear it up! Do level 2 as well but TP out when you get to the portal. Don’t do the event.
  • Scavenger’s Den Level 1 : Don’t go to level 2. It’s a waste of time experience wise. Do the circle in Level 1 and return to Fields of Misery .

And the most important part of all: Keep backtracking to a minimum! Regardless of what zone you are in, try to backtrack as little as possible on your way. Backtracking is what makes your experience per hour go down the drain.

Note that while this may or may not be the most efficient type of runs it is a rather pleasant one. There is plenty of diversity for an Act 1 run, because you meet multiple types of monsters every run. But at the end of the day, who cares, really? We just want experience!

8 Responses to “Hardcore: Act 1 speed runs (200-280m xp/h)”

  1. Path

    I don’t have any friends to go with but my gear is pretty similar to your barbarian’s is this run safe for me?

  2. azgul

    In that case, I would go on MP5 in public and carry them. The mobs will hit for a lot less, but have around the same HP as in MP7 solo. Always make your own public game to avoid PK.

  3. Joe

    Hi, whats the first song in this video? it ends at 3:36

    I was looking for that song, but all i can find is polluted with “gangster rap” or “Freestyle” in all kind of languages lol. I am specifically looking for this version found in this video!

  4. azgul

    Hi Joe! The song is Lissie – Pursuit Of Happiness: http://youtu.be/fqIFZFwMClE

  5. Joe

    Awesome, Thanks so much bud!

  6. Alphahelm

    Why don’t you go to Leoric’s passage to get stacks? Usually 2 very fast stacks. I usually start off with Leo and then straight to festering woods to get those last 3 stacks…

  7. azgul

    Hi Alphahelm! In my experience it has not been worth it. Festering Woods is a guaranteed 3-5 stacks and while Leoric’s does indeed add another 1-2 I just don’t think it’s worth the hassle. The experience in Leoric’s is REALLY low. We are talking 30-40m xp/h in that zone or so, while it’s 120-160m xp/h in Festering Woods depending on the density.

    • Alphahelm

      Yes, the exp is low there but the stacks are so fast that you’ll get the stack-exp-bonus faster and thus can gain faster exp on the rest of the run. Just my 2 cents :-)


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