Hardcore Witch Doctor Build

Do you want to play Hardcore Witch Doctor like a Diablo 3 Rockstar? If so, keep on reading! This is the build and play style I have used on my Witch Doctor on my road to Paragon 1000. I find it to be the best Hardcore Witch Doctor Build. Using this build and the play style described below, I was able to hit Paragon 100 on my second Witch Doctor just shy of 50 hours.

I will go by the skills one by one and explain my rationale behind every skill slot.

Active skills

  • Zombie Charger: Zombie Bears is the main attack for trash mobs with low HP. You should one-two shot all the low HP monsters with this. If you are not, you will run out of mana too easily and you should lower the Monster Power. Use it cleverly to reset your Spirit Walk to get extra speed. You can also use this to safely kill off trees from a distance. An important thing worth noting is how to aim bears. If you cast them when you are in a wide space, they will go in 3 directions. But if you stand with your back against a wall/obstacle, they will cluster up into 3 bears going for the same target.
  • Fire Bats: Cloud of Bats is the main attack for high HP monsters. Use it on big mob pulls and against elite packs as your primary attack. Try not to recast too often, because that will give you mana problems
  • Mass Confusion: Paranoia use it against big mob pulls and elite packs. 20% increased damage is just insane. Given the 60 second cooldown it’s ready for use almost constantly.
  • Spirit Walk: Honored Guest use it whenever you can. Against nasty packs with Reflect and/or Frozen you may want to use it more carefully. The cooldown resets super fast.
  • Big Bad Voodoo: Slam Dance save it for elite packs. It’s a monstrous damage buff for everyone in the group.
  • Soul Harvest: Vengeful Spirit use it whenever you can, but try always use it on 4+ mobs to get maximum benefit from its stacks. Worth noting that it doesn’t interrupt Fire Bats, so spam it when the monks pulls the mobs to you!

Passive skills

  • Spirit Vessel is your second life. Don’t miss out on this one. The reduced Spirit Walk cooldown is an amazing bonus.
  • Grave Injustice is what fuels the whole build due to the cooldown reduction when killing enemies.
  • Gruesome Feast makes your damage go through the roof.

Gear must haves

  • 4 Set Zunimassa’s (mana regen)
  • 20+++ pickup radius
  • 24 movement speed

Gameplay at MP8

The gear used in the video

Should you have any questions, please leave a comment!

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