What is RealParagon?

RealParagon as it was originally thought is now deprecated. As it was meant to create a ranking system for players past the character specific paragon levels. As we have account wide paragon levels now, this now no longer makes sense to maintain. We do however still rank both cores and worldwide as explained below.

RealParagon is a simple experience ranking system. Basically, it is a ladder of accumulated account wide experience.

NEW! Now calculated based on the current RoS Beta experience data. Paragon progress can be seen in the ladder. P1000 on LIVE = 100%.

Worldwide RealParagon and Rankings
Adds experience from all regions and all cores together into one pool of experience and ranks players based on this total amount of experience.
Note that this will NOT be your RealParagon on LIVE, because that is region and core based.

Both cores
Adds experience from both Softcore and Hardcore into one pool of experience.
Note that this will NOT be your RealParagon on LIVE, because that is core based.

Dead characters (non archived) are counted towards RealParagon. It is not possible to count archived and/or deleted ones due to API limitations.
NEW! Archived characters appears to count on PTR, so archived characters where the alive character was imported after site launch are now counted.

Deleted characters
Characters which has been deleted are not counted in either mode, as the objective of this site is to simulate the post Reaper of Souls Paragon ladder. If Blizzard will start counting deleted characters towards shared Paragon level, so will we.

Who created this site?

azgul#1201 Рshould you have any inquiries/feature suggestions, please add me on Europe for a chat.