< rckstr > d3rockstars dot com strives to become, as well as stay the best Hardcore clan available on the European realm! We think we do a pretty good job already. We will continue to make sure that all our members are very active.

We expect a certain amount of activity from our members, while never requiring no-lifing we do expect members to play enough to be able to represent the clan on the leaderboards .

Requirements for joining <rckstr>

  • Your main focus is seasons.
  • Have at least a couple of characters that can faceroll T6 on Seasons.
  • Represent your main class on the solo leaderboards. Aim for the top! Especially if you are not already there.

Last but not least, note that we only look for Hardcore players. We have no Softcore players in the clan, and no; you will not be the first one.