Leaderboards and Rockstar™ Score!

Hi guys!

A long overdue update coming up.

Like most other Diablo 3 players, Seasons has kept me quite busy the past couple of months, so I had down prioritized development of the site to a bare minimum to stay in the game. Sorry for that!

I have finally switched focus again, this time to develop cool features for the site! Looking at my GitHub commits I launched the world wide Greater Rift Leaderboards 9 days ago in its initial version, which since then has improved a lot. Now you can easily check your friends out by looking up their BattleTag to see how they are doing in Greater Rifts.

Players also get a Rockstar™ Score assigned to their account. In its current state the formula is simply the ‘1000 – rank’ for every top 1k rank you possess. Hardcore players get a 1.3 multiplier because that’s how they roll. I’m not too happy about the formula as-is, because it implies a player with 2x rank 500 is gets the same score as a player with 1x rank 1. Which obviously is unfair for the rank 1 player. I shall see what I can do about this and continuously revise this formula to my liking. My thought is that I want to award people that master multiple brackets as well as classes, but at the same time reward people that are at the absolute top even further.

Oh, and I temporarily removed experience history. Don’t worry – it will return. I just want to completely revamp the site to make the site a lot more responsive (read: start using AngularJS) before I re-introduce it.

Any thoughts on improvements to the site regarding leaderboards or in general are much appreciated and very welcome. Expect lots of changes in the near future.

// azgul

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